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VETSTAR is the only veterinary system with a fully integrated suite of accounting modules including:

This enables a hospital or lab to operate as a business with business controls, reporting and accountability. In this era of increased competition this is critical to the success of any business. An integrated accounting environment greatly reduces staff time and accounting expense, and allows you to monitor your business in a timely fashion. It also eliminates the need to move data from the hospital system to an external accounting package, because it's all integrated.
As a business owner you should be able to produce an income statement at any time and be confident it's up to date. Vetstar accounting also allows you to create departmental profit and loss centers to properly manage department perfromance.

Custom Reporting
Vetstar is one of the most customizable practice management software systems on the market today.
Vetstar clients of all sizes benefit from the fact that Vetstar is used by many of the largest institutions in veterinary medicine. These large institutions require reporting systems that are flexible, comprehensive, and above all customized by the institution. The Vetstar Custom Reporting module (VCR) was created to satisfy these requirements.

Like most veterinary packages, Vetstar is installed with many different reports. Many clients review these reports and use them as they are. But unlike other veterinary packages, if you want to personalize a report you have the tools to do it in the VCR. For example, you may want to use a customized invoice that has your logo and displays procedures by procedure group. Or perhaps you want an invoice that lists and totals charges for multiple animals by animal name.
It's all possible in Vetstar, and is not limited to invoices but also includes:

Custom reporting also supports creating reports that output data to third party software. This might include fax and email software, spreadsheets, external accounting systems, etc.